As CEO and founder of Bristol Crown Fisheries, Cole has spent over a decade fishing in Bristol Bay for wild salmon. His love for Alaska started in his teenage years commercial fishing off the shores of Ekuk set-netting on the beach with his family and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to fish with his cousins on the FV Big Dipper. At age 20 he joined the Big Dipper and never looked back, going up every season since. Fast forward to now, after having worked in the Action Sports industry for several years, Cole knew he needed to make a choice between his two passions. Ultimately he decided everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the salmon his family has caught for decades by offering wild Alaskan filets delivered year round. And in 2021, Bristol Crown Fisheries was founded. And when Cole isn't fishing, he likes spend his free time camping, surfing, and riding mountain bikes around Southern California.